Position Paper for Nordic Contemporary Crafts

Published September 2020

The Nordic Network of Crafts Associations (NNCA) proposes six measures to strengthen the contemporary craft field across the Nordic region


Research craft artists’ contributions to society

Craft artists’ contributions to society are under-researched. We propose that Nordic governments facilitate national and Nordic-level research that aims to measure the economic, educational, cultural, social and environmental value of contemporary crafts in society.


Ensure fair working conditions and pay for craft artists

It is vital for the development of craft-based art that work grants, production funds, support schemes and public commissions are available to craft artists and suit their specific needs. We propose that remuneration policies be revised and developed to ensure that craft artists are paid for their work and compensated for their copyrights, especially in connection with exhibitions. 


Stimulate craft skills and specialist knowledge in higher education

Academies and universities for art, craft and design should ensure that their craft-department workshop facilities are up to date. Craft departments should give students access to both traditional and new materials and tools, and to skilled craft professionals. University programmes in art history should ensure that the history and theory of craft is included in their curriculum.


Invest in international networks and opportunities

It is crucial for the field of Nordic contemporary craft to be present in international arenas. Organisations with a mandate to promote crafts internationally play an integral role in connecting  Nordic craft artists, galleries, curators and theorists to international audiences. We propose that Nordic governments ensure sufficient funding to existing organisations and aid in developing new institutions where necessary. 


Collect contemporary craft for the future

Contemporary craft should be made accessible to future generations by being collected in the present. We propose that Nordic governments allocate and strengthen funds earmarked for the acquisition of contemporary crafts by national and regional collections and museums.


Ensure that craft has a vital place in primary education

All children should have the opportunity to discover and develop their artistic talents, inventiveness, tacit knowledge and practical abilities. We propose that Nordic governments strengthen teachers’ training in craft skills and develop artist-led educational programmes for children.


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